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Schneider Paint-It 040 Twin marker


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Box with 20x refill cartridges with a fine bullet tip (1mm), 21x refill cartridges with a flexible brush tip, suitable for Paint-It 040 and 11x Paint-It 040 pen bodys - the innovative and resource-saving twin marker for creative work. The 30 vibrant colours are ideal for colouring, lettering and many other creative techniques. The practical cartridge system offers a sustainable painting experience, as every cartridge purchase saves plastic. The cartridges can be easily exchanged without having to empty the cartridges: Unscrew the cartridge, screw in a new cartridge and start. And that is not all: The cartridges are made from >95%* recycled plastic. In general, the use of recycled plastic saves >80% CO2 emissions compared to conventional plastic. The water-based, odourless ink delivers stunningly brilliant and colour-intensive results. Colour gradients are also easily possible with the help of the corresponding blender. * Composition: >43% PCR / 52 % PIR

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